RO: YS PARK 339 este un pieptene profesional construit dintr-un material ultra rezisent, acesta rezistand la temperaturi pe pana la 220 grade Celsius, dar si la substantele chimice folosite in salon. In ciuda aceste rezistente sporite, acesta este flexibil, aceste calitati facand din YS PARK 339 este cel mai apreciat pieptene al producatorului japonez.

Are o lungime de 18 cm, distanta dintre dintii acestui pieptene fiind redusa treptat cu cate 1/100 mm fata de dintele anterior, acest lucru creand o tensiune egala pe intreaga suprafata a pieptenului la fiecare miscare.Datorita primului dinte mai scurt, pipetenele YS PARK 339 ajuta stilistul sa separe parul cu rapiditate, permitand un control foarte bun.


EN: YS PARK 339 is a professional comb made of an ultra-resistant material, which withstands temperatures up to 220 degrees Celsius, but also the chemicals used in the salon. Despite these increased resistances, it is flexible, these qualities making the YS PARK 339 the most appreciated comb of the Japanese manufacturer.

It has a length of 18 cm, the distance between the teeth of this comb being gradually reduced by 1/100 mm from the previous tooth, this creating an equal tension on the entire surface of the comb with each movement. Thanks to the first shorter tooth, the YS PARK 339 pipettes help the stylist to gather the hair quickly, allowing a very good control.

YS Park 339

Culoare: Mint Green


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