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The starting point for the collection was the father of modern art - Kazimir Malevich.

Malevich worked in a variety of styles, but his most important and famous works focused on the exploration of pure geometric shapes (squares, triangles and circles) and their relationships to each other and within the pictorial space.

He invented a style of art called Suprematism, a visual language of simple shapes and colors. His 'Black Square' is a work of art that is considered the point zero of modern art.

Suprematism is about seeing and feeling art in a new way.

For the cutting technique, we’ve worked with a combination of square, round and triangular shapes, together with internal and external disconnection in order to achieve a beautiful classic look with a modern twist!” said Adrian POP, Cutting Creative Director.

Malevich's influence was combined with Limitarianism in this collection, a fusion of ergonomic design and softened classics. Our Color Creative Directors focused on timelessness, consistency and minimalism in all its forms. The materials, colors, lines and esthetics are refined and softened to offer a reassuring future and uninhibited security.

Color plays an important role. Beige, brown and earthy green are soft colors associated with nature, that embody optimism. The associations convey a sense of security and can be skillfully used in two-toned geometric accents.” said Ioana Pop, Color Creative Director.

Experience FORM 21/22, a new norm based on the basic principles of haircutting and coloring.


Cutting Creative Director : @pop_adi_

Color Creative Director: @ioana_pop_johnny

Hair Products: @keune_romania

Photographer: @Silvestru_photography

Clothing designer: @andrahandaricstudio


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