POP ACADEMY will be live from ART-AREA, online congress addressed to hairdressers worldwide

12 hairdressing experts from all over the world share their experiences, the most useful tips and demonstrate some amazing hairstyle techniques - online. Taking place daily between March 19 and 21, between 2-11pm CET, the show brings to the public some world-famous hairdressers.

ART-AREA brings in from of the audience 12 fascinating demonstrations that will completely change your vision of hairstyle, giving you the ability to seduce your customers with new skills and attract new ones.

We are extremely excited that our Creative Director – Adrian Pop will showcase one of his innovative haircuts live, together with some other 11 experts present at ART-AREA. Along with him are:

  • · Richard Ashforth from Saco London, presenting Future salon looks

  • · Michael Mengisoglou from M Squared Education, presenting a Salon Contemporary look

  • · Jean Baptiste Mazella, presenting precision cutting

  • · Norman Right from Taz Hair company

  • · Ben Brown from Bbeducation, presenting Triangular Graduation

  • · Anna Pines on dealing with Spotty Color

  • · Nikolay Generalov introducing us to Fade Calculator

  • · Georgy Dzhagaev on Color correction

  • · Tylia Mironova on Luxury style on voluminous curls

  • · Denis Elyutin on the choice of a cut

  • · Secret Guest!

In just 3 days you will:

  • · Pump up your skills in a mind-blowing color

  • · Learn the most trendy techniques in ladies' haircuts

  • · Learn how to do chic styling "like in commercials and movies"

  • · Learn how to work with fade and how to use it to create and achieve any graphic design

  • · See in real time how experts create a masterpiece from scratch and be able to replicate it

How the conference works?

1. Go on Live on air - You will see the hairdresser’s work in the "here and now" mode.

2. The duration of each expert’s presentation is 2 hours. All speakers share hairdressing offer hints and share tricks in an easy-to-understand manner, revealing all the secrets from beginning to end

3. Interactive - You will be able to chat with like-minded people and ask questions in the live chat. You will be able to discuss the conference with other participants in a closed chat in Telegram

4. Everything is salon-friendly and easily applicable - Experts are giving you tools that can be applied in your day-to-day work with clients immediately after the conference

5. Simple and easy - All speakers share hairdressing offer hints and share tricks in an easy-to-understand manner.

Pricing plans

One day of conference is 29 dollars, while all 3 days are 41 dollars.

The conference is designed for professionals who have been in the profession for some time.

Tickets can be purchased here

ART-AREA is a fascinating show that will completely change your vision of hairstyle. Come on, 12 experts have prepared something very interesting for you! Don't miss the opportunity - get your ticket now.

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