Fa un pas in spate. Observa strazile. Eul fiecarui individ. Generatia curenta nu mai este preocupata atat de mult de definirea genului. Vor purta si se vor comporta in modul care ii reprezinta cel mai bine, isi asuma individualitatea. Poarta parfumul rebelitatii. Le place sa traiasca in libertate, neconstransi de stereotipuri.

Acest concept ilustreaza bariere de sex slabite si pledeaza pentru integrarea personalitatii excentrice ale individului, eliminand mentalitatea traditionala. Personalitati precum Prince, David Bowie, Patti Smith sau Tilda Swinton au fost sustinatori devotati ai exprimarii dincolo de barierele de gen. Oamenii cauta sa se defineasca mai presus de regulile impuse din oficiu privind modul in care trebuie sa se imbrace sau lungimea pe care trebuie sa o aiba parul lor.


Take a step back. Observe the streets. The I-am-ness of each individual. This generation is not anymore concerned so much about gender. They are going to wear what reveals their inner self, They assert their individuality. They have the fragrance of rebellion around them. They like to live in freedom. The concept of interchangeability features looser gender barriers and continued acceptance of queer individuals, breaking down the traditional gender roles. icons such as Prince, David Bowie, Patti Smith or Tilda Swinton we’re committed to self-expression over gender. People are looking to define themselves beyond the opinion that hairstyle or clothing has been made in advance for them. Gender is an artefact of a less-progressive past. But is it the future now?


Fashion Designer: Smaranda Almasan

Photographer: Vlad Andrei

MUA: Ioana Simon

Video: www.directmultimedia.ro

Hair: POP Academy Team


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